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Monday, 9 April 2012

OpenElec 2.0 Beta Released! Time to roll sleeves up...

So after the release of XBMC Eden, it was only a matter of time before OpenElec was also updated to include the latest version of XBMC. The guys over at have now also released the 1st beta version of OpenElec (1.95.1) or 2.0. Good times!

As i'm running a system which is classed as "Generic" i.e. doesn't require a custom build, time will tell how the update/installation goes. What i've read so far is that not only is there significant changes on a OS level within OpenElec, but also there have been changes to the DB that XBMC maintains, so i'm not expecting the upgrade to go smooth, but here goes nothing!

The guys over at have put together a wiki on how to upgrade, so give it a go yourself if you feel up to it.

Will post my results after the upgrade has been completed.

Image can be downloaded here.

UPDATE: To see how it went check out this post!