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Monday, 22 August 2011

XBMC Live or OpenElec?

I'm all for experimenting with OS's and discovering this for myself. However I was a bit disappointed to see that there wasn't a blow by blow comparison on the internet. I found the following pages for other peoples reference, they don't have pretty tables, but make for interesting reading, really to gauge other peoples experiences:

What i've discovered just from reading so this may not be entirely true (I don't yet have the hardware, but its on its way so will be able to say for sure soon):

  • OpenElec
    • Pro's
      • Fast boot time
      • Small size
      • OS Tweaked for XBMC usage
    • Con's
      • Not easily extensible
      • Doesn't have extensive hardware support
      • Wireless support will vary considerably

  • XBMC Live
    • Pro's
      • More OS, more flexibility
      • Better hardware support (but of course depends on what you have)
    • Con's
      • Larger in size
      • Slower to boot, simply more to boot (but this can be tweaked)

Hopefully the hardware will come tomorrow and I can bash through some OS installations and see what the reality is.