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Saturday, 19 June 2010

To blog or not to blog....? Offline Software

In an effort to try and streamline the blogging process I checked out some blogging software for the Mac. I came across two of the mains ones which seemed to fit the bill but all with there pro’s and con’s.


Very easy to use and simple native interface will all the bells & whistles you’d expect. It acts more like a standalone journal first though and a blog management tool second. It can download previous posts but doesn’t seem to have two way synchronisation (at least with blogger the only blog I tested) e.g. I noticed some of my posts were missing tags, thought it would be good to add them now, not happening as it turns out. All in all nice journal editor for offline editing but lack of two way synchronisation disappoints. And it's not free.

I wouldn't recommend MacJournal.

Mars Edit

Very impressed with the range of features and quickly became my favourite. Some of the features included are flickr integration, two way synchronisation and a media manager for local and online based content. Native interface again with similarities to MacJournal. However again costs money, so for those who want a free and good solution, no luck here.

I would recommend MarsEdit.

P.S. This post was posted with MarsEdit