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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Photography: Nikon D5000 - The new hotness

After years of faithful service to me, my old and now gone FujiFilm s6500fd has been replaced with the new hotness, the Nikon D5000:

I opted for this camera because i’m not quite ready for the full on experience of the mid-range SLR’s and also because after reading endless amounts of reviews from people who actually know what there talking about it seemed good value for the money they were asking for. Being quite new to taking photography serious, it seemed sensible to opt for this. The alternatives to this camera in the same range were of course the Canon Rebel T1i(500D) and the Olympus E-620, which even though have larger sensor sizes, around 15MP compared to the D5000’s 12MP, the actual quality of photo’s i’m told look better.... go figure!

What’s my experience been with it so far?

Well i’ve had the camera now for well over a month and have taken some amazing shots. Coupled with Aperture on my Mac, i’ve been able to come up with some fantastic shots, here are some examples:

Fairly impressed with Aperture as well, it seemed to come alive when it had the opportunity to deal with photos in RAW format and also the D5000 itself. Aperture can actually tether with the camera so you can control it straight from Aperture and have the photos transmitted straight to your library for large screen viewing. The camera also records HD 720p video but lacks the ability to autofocus with this, but the photos are amazing so i’m not so bothered about the video recording, just requires a bit of thinking with the focus. All in all i’m happy with the camera, the lense that comes with it has a pretty standard range 18-55mm so looks like the next item is a much larger lense :-)