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Friday, 18 June 2010

Music: Discovering Garageband

Garageband the awesome software from Apple has yet to disappointment me. After playing around with it for over a month and understanding most of the features I thought it was about time to try and publish something on the blog and see how easy/difficult it would be.

What was the result?

Well depends on how you look at it. Firstly there doesn't appear to be a straight up option for exporting to Youtube, but in all honesty this isn't surprising as it's not a popular form of music distribution. My method was to export my work in Garageband and import it into iMovie. This allowed me to add the image (which I took myself and edited in Aperture) and combine it with a 30 second preview of the track that i'm working on. All in all, it was a pretty painless process as iMovie also allows straight up exporting to Youtube. Took me around 10 minutes including encoding time (both Garageband & iMovie) and uploading time to complete this, which isn't that bad :-)

About the music?

Just some loops that came with Garageband and some guitar recordings I made using a JamVOX Monitoring System to jack the audio into Garageband via USB, i'm happy with the quality. Plus was that I could use the awesome JamVOX software in conjunction with Garageband meaning I could set the effect and tweak it then using Garageband at the same time to record this over the top of the other tracks. I could then also do some post processing/modifications from within Garageband.

Here is the result: