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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Vuze & Samsung TV

Imagine my surprise when after completely giving up on streaming video's/music/photos to my Samsung TV (due to the Windows only software supplied with the TV being unreliable and slow) that Vuze, the torrent client, suddenly supports this very function. Turns out that the developers actually have a similar model in there office and added support for it just because :-) Excellent stuff guys!
And what is even better about this is the support for doing this from Mac OS X and Linux too :-) :-). I've tested this on Leapord and Snow Leapord for the Mac as well as Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. All work perfectly although the Device menu is missing from Vuze on Ubuntu. The developers have said this is due to it not being supported yet, which is fair enough. I think by default all files are shared anyway... To be honest, I played around with that many settings, I may have enabled it without realising it...

Now Vuze is lacking a few features which are annoying such as proper library management for music and pictures as well as the ability to rewind and fast forward from any connected UPnP devices (only tested it on my Samsung TV, this functionality may be supported on other devices).

But honestly, this is much better than using my Xbox mostly because my Xbox is connected to my tv via a HD component set which no doubt loses some HD quality due to the analogue connectivity. Also if you have an Xbox, you know one of it's biggest problems is the sheer noise it makes doing nothing.

Update: I no longer use Vuze now as I recently purchased a Buffalo NAS which comes with a built in DLNA Server. It's a Buffalo LS-XHL 1.5 TB, highly recommend this, works perfectly with my Samsung TV.