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Saturday, 27 March 2010

London Critters - Those Infamous Squirrels

While many associate London with international fashion, low brow shady government dealings, compare the market style "Olympics" and gun crime (this may just be, but hey, it's my blog). I like to think that London has many hidden features which can come unexpectedly and almost catch you off guard if like me your used to expecting the stereotypical London situation around every bend.

Indeed, there is a story with this...

When staying in my previous property near Stoke Newington I was opening my bedroom window due to a higher than normal heat. Apon lifting the window I was surprised to see three squirrels running across the roof over the bathroom and kitchen. At first I sat down to watch them scurry away, as stated above, this could be classed as a non-stereotypical situation especially since Stoke Newington isn't exactly known for it's furry wildlife. So after realizing that this was quite special I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos. Sadly only a few came out well due to my clumsy reaction and two of the cockney squirrels managed to jump what seems an impossible distance, so only one got caught. Here is one of the better ones for your enjoyment: