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Monday, 29 March 2010

Personal: eBay Wares - That time again

So another year of worldy wares have collected themselves inside of my cupboards, shelves... and some have even re-surfaced after being lost inside of boxes and cases long ago. Naturallly, being a collector (my friends say hoarder) of gadgets, i felt it was time to say good bye to some of the older ones and pass them on to new owners via the cloud. Some of these items include my first MP3 player I got when in high school. When I get around to it, i'll post more items here:

Creative Nomad Jukebox 2

My better half is also shifting some of her DVD's (mostly Disney Films and Chick Flicks):

Also, I wanted to embed these listing into a post but it seems after almost 15 years in the business eBay still haven't managed to provide an easy way to embed listings. They have a service called "eBay To Go" (, but it appears to be offline.