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Monday, 7 May 2007

Up and running!

So it's been a while since I last posted anything here so i thought it would probably be a good idea in case blogger do a hotmail on me and throw away my account!

Well my exams are over (thank god!) and i'm mostly working on finishing my dissertation which got good peer reviews at my last deliverable so everything is on track. Apart from that I've been doing alot on my Linux system.

Firstly the biggest change has been my move from Ubuntu Edgy Eft to Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn which was a pretty good experience considering my previous moves from large releases with openSuse and Fedora Core. Lots of new goodies to play with including built in Desktop Effects via compiz and a working network manager plus built in dialogues for non-free codecs and drivers. There are lots of other notable upgrades most of which i've probably completely missed, some others include much better networking with windows clients via SMB and Avahi and Visualizations in Rhythmbox. To cut a long story short, I was very pleased with Fiesty.

I had a very brief encounter with Opera the browser which for a while seemed like a god send until problems started appearing such as not being able to use the bar at the top of blogger pages. I found it very good in such areas as UI customization and page presentation however it did show a few incompatibilities with some of my favorite websites.

Since development on Avant Window Navigator seems to of grinded to a halt, i've had to focus my ideas somewhere else. I came up with an eye candy addition to compiz which seems to have caught some attention from the likes of macslow . If your interested in reading more, the post can be found here .

While on the subject of compiz, i'm now using compiz instead of beryl now as my window manager. The main reason for this is because of the recent merge of the two communites with compiz still being the root of the fork it sorta makes sense... at least to me.

I've also had lots of job interviews with one in the centre of Edinburgh to one in the center of London! Yes thats right, I travelled all the way down to London for a two hour interview. The whole trip took me around 12 hours from leaving my house to arriving back in Edinburgh. I was so knackered when I got back I passed out in my suit on my bed and didn't wake up will 10am the next day. More on the job front later.

My desktop has also changed considerably since my last postings, here's a little screenshot:

Thats it for now, expect quite a few postings over the next month.