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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Revision & Headaches

Well it´s that time of the year again where I have to sit away from the computer to study for my exams. Normally I study in my dining room where there´s a big table and no electronic gadgets. This normally forces me to keep reading as there is no distractions.

Almost finished my BSc (Hons) Computer Science. It has taken me four years to complete and i´ve learnt so much and forgotten quite a alot of it! However, the job hunting is going well and hopefully i´ll be employed in the wonderful world of software development in no time at all. Looked at some of the big players in the market however competition for them is very high and everybody wants the one thing I ain´t got... bloody experience.

At this very moment apart from writing this blog i´m sorting through two terms worth of notes which amounts to around two lever arch folders.

Also apart from the exams i´ve got to finish of my dissertation which of course is about 70% complete. Got to program one last algorithm into PHP5 then do shit loads of testing. The final document so far stands at 37 pages excluding appendices, so it´s well on track.

In other words, I might not post very much in the next four weeks :-)

I´ll probably post my normal screenshots and i´m going to start bigging up software which I think is ¨next gen Linux¨ software.