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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Dell IdeaStorm -- Tell dell what to do... sorta

After reading on slashdot and on osnews about Dells new "tell us what you want" site I thought it was worth a look at. I've always wanted to get a Dell PC since they started using AMD processor's, but kept hearing that because Dell use propriety hardware that Linux is a pain in the ass to install and maintain. And since I use Ubuntu as my main operating system I would need some guarantee that my hard earned cash was not going to be blown on a Vista bloat box which has no support for Linux or even a chance of working to an acceptable level.

But lets look at the bigger picture here. If Ubuntu ( or any Linux distro ) gets a distributer as large as Dell, Linux will finally have a chance of competing with Microsoft on the same field. I don't need to preach what this will mean, but this of course begs another question... Is Linux ready for the mainstream 'End-Users' who call support lines when they get the message "Press Any Key". Alot of people will argue that Linux doesn't have the stability or the infrastructure to handle a large amount of users and that support lines at Dell will be ringing 24/7. This of course is true even with the operating system in the No.1 position. However, not giving buyers the option when they are explicitly requesting it can only be seen as a anti-competitive act on Dell's part. Maybe we could sue them over here in the EU!

So show support for Ubuntu and other Linux distro's by voting on Dell's IdeaStorm site.

Here of course is the link:

P.S. Even though Ubuntu is my favorite Linux distro, I would be happy to have ANY Linux distro supported by dell.