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Thursday, 25 January 2007

MultiMedia Diary 2 - The Story

So I've decided to do a film trailer. Main reason for this is because of the lack of time I have to develop a decent enough game.

So my film trailer is going to be machinima using Call Of Duty 2. The story is going to be the heroes of Telemark. For those that don't know Telemark is an area in Norway where the Nazi's during World War II produced heavy water. Heavy water of course can be used to create atomic weapons and this had to be stopped. Norwegian resistance fighters and British soldiers came together to sabotage the germans efforts at producing heavy water and succeeded. Although it was not an easy battle and took months to accomplish the eventual sinking of a ferry carrying the final amount of heavy water needed for the the Nazi's to make there first atomic weapon was sunk. YEH!

Going to be lots of big panoramic scenes with explosions!