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About Me

My name is Daniel Maclean and thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find it interesting and a good distraction, it certainly takes me away from the hustle of the world. 


Some background on me, my passion is technology whether it be computers, gadgets or software. So more often than not I'll be posting about these areas, however recently after purchasing myself a DSLR, this has moved my focus (no pun intended) into photography and photo editing.

I'm a programmer/techie by trade and have a degree to that end, mostly experienced with Java, PHP and MySQL, although I use blogger for simplicity because well it's free :-). I also play guitar and enjoy music from all manners of genre's, rock, reggae, classical and renaissance.

My Equipment

I use a fantastic Macbook Pro 13" Macbook Pro 15" Retina which runs the latest version of Mac OS X as my tool for pretty much everything. For taking photos, I use a Nikon D5000 Nikon D7000 with a selection of lenses and equipment. I also use my iPhone 4 if i'm desperate and if the conditions are perfect.

For photo editing I use Apple's Aperture and a mixture of plugins and extensions to get things done. For music processing I use Garageband and a JamVox system as my input bridge.

My Motivation

I don't run this blog to make money, it's entire purpose really is to share some of the wonderful things (and no so wonderful things) which are going on in the world around me. If you feel inclined to change that you can always contact me via the Contact Me page

Final Note

Thanks to the great people at blogger for hosting all my ramblings and all the people who find the time to read them.